«La formulación de un problema es más importante que su solución.»
Albert Einstein

miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009

David Bohm

"La unidad está replegada en el universo como una expresión de su orden implicito o implicado."
David Bohm.

"Me gustaría decir que en mi trabajo científico y filosófico, mi principal preocupación ha sido la comprensión de la naturaleza de la realidad en general y de la conciencia en particular, como una totalidad coherente, que nunca es estática o completa, sino un proceso sin fin de movimiento y desdoblamiento"
David Bohm: Totalidad y el Orden Implicado

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In 1951 Bohm wrote a classic textbook entitled Quantum Theory, in which he presented a clear account of the orthodox, Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. The Copenhagen interpretation was formulated mainly by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in the 1920s and is still highly influential today. But even before the book was published, Bohm began to have doubts about the assumptions underlying the conventional approach. He had difficulty accepting that subatomic particles had no objective existence and took on definite properties only when physicists tried to observe and measure them. He also had difficulty believing that the quantum world was characterized by absolute indeterminism and chance, and that things just happened for no reason whatsoever. He began to suspect that there might be deeper causes behind the apparently random and crazy nature of the subatomic world.Bohm sent copies of his textbook to Bohr and Einstein.

Bohr did not respond, but Einstein phoned him to say that he wanted to discuss it with him. In the first of what was to turn into a six-month series of spirited conversations, Einstein enthusiastically told Bohm that he had never seen quantum theory presented so clearly, and admitted that he was just as dissatisfied with the orthodox approach as Bohm was. They both admired quantum theory's ability to predict phenomena, but could not accept that it was complete and that it was impossible to arrive at any clearer understanding of what was going on in the quantum realm.